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Consultation on Difficult Cases for Other Chiropractors

We are happy to assist with difficult cases that require additional sources.  We can provide up to three levels of service to you and your patient:

I.          Exam and consultation - RCO will perform a through consultation and examination (including any needed radiographs) to help you analyze a difficult case.  We will provide you with treatment recommendations.

II.          Short Term Treatment for Specific Problems - RCO will perform a targeted consultation and examination and treat your patient accordingly.

III.         More Comprehensive Spinal Rehabilitation/Remodeling - This is RCO's specialty and we are pleased to provide this service as well.


Please send any radiographs and reports concerning the case with the patient on their first visit or have them sent to our office prior to the appointment.

All patients will be promptly referred back to your office at the conclusion of the agreed upon consultation and/or services.