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RCO Associate Program

For the past 24 years our Intern and Associate Program has helped in the continuing education and advancement of over 24 chiropractors from around the world.  This program has been called "The most selective, comprehensive and difficult associate program in the profession".  Through weekly training sessions, participation in continuing education seminars, and daily mentoring, these doctors develop in a manner that helps them venture out into their chosen communities with the skills necessary to better serve their future patients.  These interns also serve an important role in helping us provide comprehensive care for our patients here at RCO. 

Other benefits include:

  • Two year contract
  • Opportunity to improve adjusting skills
  • Grow as a successful practitioner
  • Work with the past President of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • Work with our senior staff of
    • 1 Gonstead Diplomate
    • 1 Gonstead Fellow
    • 2 CBP Certified Doctors
  • Work with a published Doctor
  • Work in state of the art facility in an affluent community in Manhattan