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Therapeutic Exercises

2485_JLC_Maneuvers.jpgDeveloped in the 1970's by Ron Aragona, D.C., and used at RCO since 1988, Applied Spinal Biochemical Engineering (ASBE) is designed to re-strengthen the spine's supportive structures, rehabilitate adhesive soft tissue, and help the chiropractic patient heal. A major part of the spine's support structure comes from intrinsic spinal muscles; specialized muscles that help stabilize, position, and move the spine. In vertebral subluxation complexes these muscles deteriorate and become dysfunctional, adding to the weakness and vulnerabilities of the spine. Additionally, the proliferation of fibrous scar tissue further restricts normal movement.

A special high speed, low patient dose stress X-ray, taken at the extreme ends of spinal motion, is performed to determine the areas of spinal weakness and dysfunction. Following this examination, specifically designed individualized exercises (Spinal Maneuvers) are given to rehabilitate and re-strengthen weakened and damaged supportive muscles, remodel scarred soft tissue, and help restore them to normal function..

The information derived from these special X-ray examination aids in spinal subluxation analysis and helps determine the most precise spinal adjustment. This attention to detail in both analysis and correction gives the patient the best opportunity to regain spinal integrity, neurological function, and overall health.