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Further Your Chiropractic Education

Here at Rowe Chiropractic Offices:

We are constantly studying, traveling, and teaching chiropractic to enhance our knowledge and your care at RCO 

Dr. David Rowe has even been published in several chiropractic textbooks based upon unique chiropractic research he has completed.  A complete list is listed below: 

Rowe DJ. Chiropractic Management of Spinal Fractures and Dislocations (Chapter 13). In: Plaugher, G. Ed. The Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic: a Biomechanical Approach. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkings, 1992

Rowe, DJ. Adolescent Patients with Acute Spinal Fractures (Chapt. 19). In: Anrig C. and Plaugher G. Ed. Pediatric Chiropractic. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkings, 1998

Rowe, DJ. Patient Improves Weight-Bearing Posture In: Chiropractic Products; A magazine for Chiropractic Professionals. August, 2006

The last three decades have seen a steady rise in quantity and quality of chiropractic research a trend that continues to pave the way to a better understanding and stronger validation of chiropractic theory and practice. Chiropractors and their patient's have always enjoyed excellent results but scientific validation had yet to be established. Now we are seeing unanswered questions finally being met with solid evidence and proof.

Rowe Chiropractic Offices we are happy to provide the following professional services for other doctors:

I.      Referrals from Other Chiropractors

II.     Consultation of Difficult Cases for Other Chiropractors

III.     Referrals from Non-chiropractic Health Care Practitioners

IV.   RCO Associate Program 

V.    Thursday Night Training Sessions

RCO Wellness Partners 

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