About Us

Rowe Chiropractic Offices (RCO), conveniently located in Manhattan adjacent to the Queensboro Bridge, offers a beautiful, state-of-the-art chiropractic clinic designed to enhance the well-being of our patients.

Rowe Chiropractic Offices is committed to helping as many individuals and families as possible to improve their health and well-being through natural chiropractic care. At RCO we work tirelessly to improve ourselves and our services.

Founded in 1983, by Dr. David J. Rowe and Dr. Martin M. Rowe, RCO’s commitment to patient education and outreach has positioned us as a health care community leader.

Our Team

In the past 35 years Dr. David J. Rowe has traveled over a million miles, participating in countless seminars and workshops to study health and wellness. As a result he has developed an approach to care that is unique in its integration of the profession’s most effective techniques. As research continues to expand and clarify the nature of the vertebral subluxation (a spinal misalignment that is stuck or fixated causing interference with the communication between the brain and the body resulting in nerve dysfunction and loss of good health) our approach evolves to incorporate new information.

At RCO, our science-supported approach helps our patients by optimizing the function of their nervous system, improving their posture and helping them to move well, eat well, and think well.

Our doctors have trained extensively in locating and correcting areas of nerve irritation caused by vertebral subluxations. For some patients, the improvement of nerve flow provides relief from pain, for others, it begins the healing of organs that may not have been functioning properly for years and that always means improved health.

RCO offers each of our patients a specific, state-of-the-art chiropractic program, including a comprehensive wellness strategy designed to assist them to make improved lifestyle choices that will enable them to move better, eat better and think better. We believe that making these important lifestyle choices is one of the most efficient actions any of us can make to improve our health. We offer an extensive schedule of seminars, lectures and workshops geared to helping our patients create and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Rowe Chiropractic Offices’ dedication to community health has led us to organize a free community screening center that allows anyone to be checked with no cost and with no obligation. Since vertebral subluxation is often NOT associated with spinal pain or discomfort, the ONLY way to detect the existence of vertebral subluxation is to have your spine checked by a qualified chiropractor. If you or your family want a spinal screening, call our offices to set up a convenient time for an appointment.

For the past 34 years our Intern and Associate Program has helped in the continuing education and advancement of over 36 chiropractors from around the world. The program has been called “The most selective, comprehensive and difficult associate program in the profession”. Through weekly training sessions, participation in continuing education seminars and daily mentoring, these doctors venture out into their chosen communities with the skills necessary to better serve their future patients. These interns serve a vital role in helping us provide comprehensive care for our patients here at RCO.”