man with headache with hands on head

Why Your Headache Could Be a Spinal Problem

The debilitating pain of headaches can be more than just a distraction, they can negatively impact your entire life.

Research shows there is a strong connection between a headache, poor posture, and neck spinal problems. Here’s what you need to know about the source of your headaches.

First, we have to define normal spinal communication before delving into the abnormal phenomenon of headaches. Your brain sends healthy signals to your spinal cord and nerves throughout your body. This process is the engine that powers your organs and tissues.

However, different stresses can toss a wrench into this well-oiled machine. Poor posture, emotional stress, and lifestyle choices cause subluxations, or kinks in your spine. These misalignments create pinched nerves.

The nerves in your neck are what control your face and head. Research has shown that subluxations in the neck result in painful headache symptoms by causing stress to the nerves in the brainstem and head. Find out if your headaches are coming from pressure in your neck.

At Rowe Chiropractic, we have state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques to fix your spinal neck problems that contribute to a headache. Our doctors will look at your spinal biomechanics to identify a unique solution to correct your posture and spinal health.

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