Lower Back Pain

How to Manage Your Lower Back Pain

We know lower back pain can negatively affect your everyday life.

It can prevent you from working, hanging out with friends and family, and participating in leisurely activities. Here’s what you need to know about spinal posture and pain management.

The spine has two main functions—supporting and keeping us upright and protecting the spinal cord. The brain sends energy down the spine and through the nerves to supply all of the organs and tissues. In a healthy spine, this energy flows like a river between the brain and the body.

The Effect of Stress on Your Spine

Stress, either studden or over time, can cause the individual bones (vertebrae), or whole curves of the spine, to shift out of place and irritate nerves. These misalignments, or subluxations, in our posture have a negative impact on nerve function.

Lower back pain is caused by spinal misalignments and nerve pressure, which can be commonly linked to other health problems. This may include stiffness, immobility, muscle atrophy, weakness, pain, leg numbness, leaky bladder, menstrual issues, prostate problems, and sexual dysfunction.


How Do I Fix My Lower Back Pain?

At Rowe Chiropractic Offices, we have put together the most comprehensive spinal postural corrective program to fix misalignments that cause lower back pain. We combine spinal adjusting, postural exercises, and other rehabilitation techniques to correct your spine. According to our research and clinical experience, we have identified non-surgical and non-drug solutions to treat your lower back pain that work.

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