At Rowe Chiropractic Offices we are committed to helping our patients feel better and achieve their health goals. Better health is more than just feeling better, which is why we evaluate our patients’ successes in terms of both subjective (how the patient feels) and objective (what we can independently measure) improvements.

RCO relies on a variety of measures such as pre and post x-ray comparisons, postural analysis and range of motion studies to assess the biomechanical improvements that our patients experience. When beginning care at RCO, the doctors evaluate each patient’s spine relative to well established scientific standards. At the completion of the chiropractic care program, patient progress is assessed through these same objective and subjective measures. This helps both the doctor and the patient to accurately evaluate the patient’s progress. Our office provides examples of pre to post X-ray case comparisons under the “Testimonals” tab of our website.

The complete, unedited original versions of each of these testimonials are available in a binder that sits in every RCO waiting area. Let us know if you require any further information.

Arm Numbness

Having heard a lot of bad press about chiropractors, I decided I would never try one. Then one day I woke up in tremendous pain with a pinched nerve in my back and my right arm virtually useless. I happened to be leaving the next day for vacation and called a friend for advice. She strongly suggested I see Dr. Rowe and I decided to follow her advice, albeit with trepidation. After just ONE adjustment, the pain was considerably diminished and I actually had strength back in my right arm the next day.

Much impressed, I decided to sign up for regular care upon my return and sure enough, my susceptibility to back strain/ injury has improved immensely. I couldn’t be in better hands than with Dr. David Rowe and his winning team!

– Denise N.

It was Marathon Sunday in 2003 and there I was standing on 59th Street cheering the runners on and feeling miserable – I was in living in chronic pain and knew I had to take action and do something to improve my lot. As if answering my prayers, I noticed a “Free Screening” sign on a table in front of the Rowe Chiropractic Offices and decided there was nothing to lose. After the initial screening with Dr. Bai, I scheduled an appointment and the rest is nothing short of a miracle. My pain has subsided, my mobility improved and my whole view of life has brightened.

RCO is a community garden in the midst of a concrete jungle. It’s an oasis of health and well being that treats the whole person and not just a body part. Its lectures and patient handling is a model for how to live effectively in the world.

Thank you, Dr. Bai! I am ever so grateful.

– Florence

Something Different

I am 27 years old, live an active lifestyle and have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for the last four years. While I did try chiropractic solutions in the past, the approach was all about reducing pain and not discovering/ correcting the cause.

About two months ago, I woke up in tremendous pain after playing flag football and was convinced by a friend to see Dr. Rowe. I was apprehensive at first, given my previous experience but I decided to give it a shot. From the start, I could see that Rowe Chiropractic did things differently. X-rays were taken and I was asked to watch a video and attend a seminar so I could understand how the Gonstead method worked and what role I needed to play in my health care.

I signed up and a month later, I am on my way and pain free.

– Matt M.

Lower Back Mobility

Two years ago while attending yoga class, I got into a conversation with one of the instructors who expressed concern about my lower back problems and asked if I had ever been evaluated by a chiropractor. Indeed I had and to no avail – in fact the last one told me frankly that there was nothing he could do for me.

My instructor mentioned that I might want to explore Rowe Chiropractic Offices since their approach is unique and invited me to an Open House during which I saw ‘Before’ & ‘After’ X-rays of actual patients. It was eye-opening to say the least and I signed up for a treatment course which has truly changed my life. Both my physical and mental well being have improved considerably, making it well worth the trip in every week from New Jersey.

– Harold H.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I came from Peru, South America to undergo carpel tunnel surgery but a friend suggested I see Dr. Rowe for evaluation and treatment first. After three visits, the numbness and tingling sensation was gone and the back pain I was experiencing also eased up considerably.

Thank you, Dr. Rowe, for saving me from an unnecessary operation!

– Viviane H.


When my friend Simon brought me to Rowe Chiropractic for a power workshop, I’ll admit I was skeptical. They spoke about pregnancy and the importance of keeping your spine healthy for an easier delivery and healthy baby, which made sense but what really impressed me was the stories of patients in the room. Two revealed that they had tried for years to conceive a child and within months of treatment became pregnant. I was on the edge of my seat at that point, since I had not had a period in 7 months.

While still nervous, I decided to sign up for an evaluation and was treated with kindness and hospitality at each step along the way. After just a few weeks of adjustments and maneuvers I started to recognize some changes in my body. I was more conscious of my posture and how I slept. And then an amazing thing happened – I got my period again. At first, I saw it as a coincidence but when it happened the next month as well, I realized it was not.

I am blessed to have come to a place where the doctors really care about your overall well being.Many thanks to all at Rowe Chiropractic.

– Hannah L.

Chiropractic For Children & Asthma

I would like to share with you our appreciation for our son Jo, who has just completed his intensive care period at RCO. Jo was diagnosed with asthma in August 2004 when he was only 2 ½ years old. Since then, he has been on steroids to manage his symptoms and has been taken to the ER three times. We had spoken to different medical doctors and a holistic food counselor to identify solutions. Finally a friend recommended chiropractic and we gave that a try with good results.However, we were looking for more evidence and information than the doctor we saw could provide.Then someone introduced us to Dr. Bai.

The moment we arrived, we were reassured by both Amy & Mari who told stories of their own daughters being asthma-free through chiropractic. After a complete evaluation, Jo began his treatment and ever since has been free of all asthma symptoms, no longer requiring either medication or an inhaler. I can’t express how grateful I am since good health is priceless and you have provided this for my son.

– Shizuko T.


While a patient of chiropractic for over 20 years, I had viewed my visits in a typically Western fashion: as a way to relieve back pain but certainly not effect cure. Then one day last summer, a massage therapist, noting constriction in my lower back, suggested I see Dr. Rowe. From the moment I stepped into the beautifully serene offices, I knew theirs was the gold standard of the profession. A full and comprehensive exam was conducted with the goal of setting a ‘care plan’ that would indeed improve my spinal alignment much the way orthodontics straightened my teeth years ago.

As someone who had recently completed treatments for breast cancer, I was resolved to explore all means of healing available to bolster my immune system. Not only has all pain subsided but my range of motion and posture has improved considerably. In addition, my overall health seems exceptional and I have gone two years now without even the slightest of common colds.

Dr. Rowe is a gifted professional and compassionate doctor and the progress I have seen over the past year of treatment has been absolutely amazing. You really owe it to yourself to check out Rowe Chiropractic… I cannot recommend this fine team of doctors enough!

– Diane C.

Golf Swing

I am an avid golfer and was beginning to acquire the typical problems inherent with age and swinging a golf club over and over again. I crawled into Rowe Chiropractic Offices one day and left with his words ringing in my ears: “If you follow my plan as I prescribe it, the day will come where you have little of no pain.” As I approach my 50th birthday, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve never felt or functioned better in my life and I am forever grateful!

– Lance W.

Chronic Pain

I had been to a chiropractor before and was pleased with the results but when I tried Dr. Cortes at Rowe Chiropractic Offices, I realized their care was head and shoulders above the rest. They provided a thorough explanation of my condition and a clear and concise care plan for the long term. It’s been only two months that I have been going for adjustments and doing my prescribed exercises, and my chronic neck pain is virtually gone. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be feeling in two more months!

– Kevin P.

Holistic Health Center

There is competent chiropractic care and then there is Rowe Chiropractic Offices. Everything from the warm greeting at the front desk to the accommodating and concerned care each of the doctors provides supports wellness.

I noticed the building on several occasions while walking to and from a client’s home. The place seemed serene and healing. Ironically, one fateful morning I noticed it was a chiropractic office and returned home to find my sister who was in town visiting from Georgia in tremendous pain from a hard fall she had taken a week earlier. I had a chiropractor at the time and called them, only to be told they could not fit her in. Frantic, I decided to call RCO and they graciously made an appointment for us the very same day.

Within a week, my sister’s pain was under control and her daughter was also treated. She has continued her care back in Georgia with another Gonstead practitioner that RCO recommended and I myself, tired of the long waits and indifferent care, also switched to RCO. Now having my spine cared for is like a trip to a spa! I always feel welcome and love the eclectic music selections, comfy adjustment loungers and ergonomic waiting room chairs. It’s a hidden oasis in a noisy, gritty city.

– Luz A.

Sports Injuries Rotator Cuff Injury

Within the course of one year, I tore my right rotator cuff in a fall and my left rotator cuff in a skating accident and was told I’d never be able to play ball again unless I had surgery. Well I’m glad I ignored that advice and instead saw Dr. Rowe. Six months into my care plan, I’m free of shoulder pain and have nearly a full range of motion in both shoulders. I am actually back to doing push-ups and pull-ups at pre-injury levels.

Thanks so much!

– Marc S.


Chiropractic has touched many spheres of my life but at first I noticed the obvious: my back pain was gone. Yes, the reason I originally came to see Rowe Chiropractic was because I had been experiencing chronic neck pain. Clearly the subluxations caused by years of improper posture and stress to the spine had created pressure on the nerve endings resulting in chronic pain. I diligently kept up with my adjustments and maneuvers and not only became pain free but follow up X-rays revealed notable changes in my spinal curves.

Still this was only icing on the cake. Once I hit my 30s, I began to notice a marked change in my energy level, sleep habits and weight. While I struggled with solutions, several months into chiropractic treatments, I began noticing a huge increase in energy, deeper sleep, clarity of thought, better digestion and to top it off – a 10 pound weight loss.

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Rowe!

– Elizabeth W.


About two years ago, I experienced significant pain in my right groin and shin and visited my doctor who diagnosed the condition (without taking x-rays) as a torn groin muscle and shin splints. I was given a prescription for Vioxx and six months of physical therapy and told to stop dancing and do as little walking as possible. Six months later, the pain returned and I was given a cortisone shot as remedy.

– Nancy K.

Pinched Nerve

I had been experiencing some minor chronic back pain for years and upon advice of a colleague made an appointment to see Dr. Rowe. Ironically, the very night prior to my visit, I picked up my four year old daughter and literally could not stand up. Something had gone terribly wrong.

The initial X-ray revealed a pinched nerve resulting from a mid-thoracic misalignment that had caused me to hunch forward for over 20 years. I began a course of treatment and in weeks, my pain had diminished and my posture and overall health began improving. I avoided surgery which at the time seemed inevitable and am on the road to health.

While the commitment to chiropractic seems like a lot of work some days, there is no doubt in my mind that it’s the right course of action.

– Deborah M.


I had been suffering with severe back and leg pain for over 2 years. The diagnosis was two herniated discs which were impacting my sciatic nerve and my doctor prescribed pain medication and several rounds of physical therapy to alleviate my symptoms. Some helped, others did not and the pain persisted.

Then a friend recommended I see Dr. Rowe. After just three visits, my pain receded considerably and I was able to walk again virtually pain free. By treating the cause rather than result, my situation was remedied.

Thank you, Dr. Rowe!

– Oscar Y.

Overall Health & Well Being

Since coming to Rowe Chiropractic over the past few months, I have experienced some dramatic improvements in my overall health and well being. Before I began treatments, I had difficulty sleeping through the night, frequently waking up with leg pain and discomfort. I now sleep through the night, rarely use painkillers and have been told by friends and family that I actually ‘look healthier’.

Thanks to everyone at Rowe Chiropractic, I am on my way!

– Matt J.

Arthritis Advanced Arthritic Deterioration

I am 76 years old and in generally good health. However, I suffer from advanced arthritic deterioration of my spine, a condition that had become so acute that I was barely able to walk and in great pain most of the time. I feared a future as an arthritic cripple.

I decided to investigate a chiropractic solution and visited with Dr. Rowe who diagnosed my condition as Stage 3 subluxation, saying he could recommend a program to slow or arrest the development of this situation and reduce the pain. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. After six months of regular adjustments, maneuvers and traction, not only did the pain subside but my range of mobility had improved considerably. Eighteen months later, I am not only pain free but walking two brisk miles several times a week and am able to kayak and canoe without pain.

Despite a lifestyle of healthy habits, the chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Rowe has restored me to a level of activity that I never imagined I could experience again.

– Lawrence E.


I was experiencing terrible neck pain and discussed it with a colleague who suggested I see Dr. Rowe. My X-rays revealed that I lacked a proper curve in my neck and had a compression in my lower spine near the tailbone, which had actually started to calcify.

Ironically, I never made the connection between this condition and the great trouble I was experiencing both menstruating and trying to get pregnant, though Dr. Rowe noted that it was very possible that my sacral compression could be preventing pregnancy. I began treatment and after just four visits, I got my period (which I hadn’t had in over 4 months) and sure enough, one month and twelve adjustments later, I found out I was pregnant!

I truly believe it was Dr. Rowe’s knowledge, technique and expertise that solved a problem I had been trying to correct with years of fertility drugs and painful procedures. The proof is in my beautiful little baby girl!

– Debra N.


For the past seven years, I have been suffering from a rare auto-immune disorder called Pemphigus which causes the skin to blister. To manage the symptoms I was placed on Prednisone which aided the condition somewhat but I was still prone to flare ups.

Then one day I read an article written by Dr. Hall for the Pemphigus Foundation that chiropractic care benefits people with auto-immune diseases. I decided to give it a try and the rest is history.After three weeks, my body began functioning as if it never had the disease and I was able to cut back on my medication considerably. I feel like a new person and I’m getting my life back again.

I can’t say enough about the knowledge and care that Rowe Chiropractic has afforded me on the road to health.

– Arlene H.

Neck Mobility

For several years, I had a problem with the right side of my neck. I was unable to turn my head completely and look over my shoulder without pain. I opted to explore a chiropractic treatment at RCO.

Six weeks after I started, I was crossing the street and turned right to look for cars and realized that not only was I able to turn more fully but the pain was gone.

– Virginia M.

Finger Numbness

While I am a fitness trainer and very tuned into my overall health, I had troubling stiffness in my neck and lower back that often resulted in limited mobility and numbness all the way into my fingertips. I happened to meet Dr. Bai one day while walking to work and decided to come into RCO for an evaluation. Sure enough, subluxations of the spine were noted which was causing the trouble and after signing up for a care plan, my back is functioning much better and the stiffness nearly gone.

– Anthony G.




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