Part 10

Number 10 in the 12 things that we need to know to be healthy is what should I do if I have subluxation? Well, only specific chiropractic adjustments can correct civilizations. Through careful examination, your chiropractor will evaluate your spine, check your posture to see if you have normal alignment or if there’s a subluxation causing a misalignment in the spine that’s causing stress to the nerve. The chiropractic evaluation the examination looks at posture and looks at neurology to see how are these subluxation affecting the nerves. Then through careful and specific adjustments, the chiropractor realigns the spine, taking the stress off the nerve and allowing the spine to heal. And when the spine heals and the nervous system heals, your whole body heals, then the chiropractor will teach you specific things to do on your own so that the adjustment lasts for longer and your body has a chance to really repair. We correct our subluxation through specific spinal chiropractic adjustments.