Part 12

Hi, I’m David Rowe and welcome to the Monday morning minute. Today’s topic is stress and how stress affects our health. Now we know that there’s when we must know that we think about stress, we think about emotional stress, and we know that we are constantly bombarded by different types of emotional stress, stress of relationship, stress of family, stress of economy, stress about thinking people on the other side of the planet and what they’re going through and their stresses—all of this affects us. But there’s other types of stresses also like stresses of chemical stress, toxins. They said there’s 100,000 chemicals that are in our environment that weren’t here 200 years ago, 100,000 chemicals that are affecting our physiology in a negative way. We also have physical stress or we can say stresses like, you know, I hold the phone like this, I’ve been lifting correctly. I sit in a chair for 34 years of my life. They say that the average Westerner will spend 34 years of their life in a chair. It’s a perverse amount of time. Chemical stress, emotional stress and physical stress all create a stress in our body. Now, how does that stress affect us? Why does that cause such a negative health effect? Well, the part of your brain that manages stress is the part of your brain that manages posture receiving in the part of your brain. The cerebellum that manages stress, that takes in all the incoming signals is the same part of your brain that manages posture. So, from chemical, emotional and physical stresses, it affects it bombards our cerebellum and eventually causes postural deviations as the spine misaligned that have its moral position. It puts pressure on the delicate nerve, interfering with the brain’s ability to send a normal signal down the spine and out to all the organs. And that’s how we stay healthy. Is this communication? But from spinal misalignments, from these stressors, it causes a misalignment. And that misalignment, which we know as subluxation puts an interference in the nerve and doesn’t allow our body to help to function normally. So, what do we do about it? Well, the first thing is you got to try to manage the incoming stress, try to decrease the chemical, emotional and physical stress that we’re bombarded with through a better lifestyle. But we have another problem. We have to reverse the effects that the stress has already caused, the misalignment, the postural deviations that are causing stress in our nerves that we have to do with spinal corrective care. If you’re interested in finding out how stress is affecting your life, how it’s affecting your posture. Click the link below. Set up an appointment. Let’s take a look at you and see if we can help you. God bless.