Part 8

Number eight in our 12 things that we need to know to be healthy is that stress causes subluxation. Now, the three main types of stress are thoughts, toxins and traumas, thoughts, mental stress, toxins, chemical stress and traumas, physical stress. Now, with toxins, we know there’s 100,000 chemicals in our environment that were not here 200 years ago. Toxins in our food. Toxins in our air. Toxins in our water that have all shown to be stressful to human physiology. Mental stress. Well, what are more mental stress we’ve ever been before. And physical stress, it could either be a specific thing, like an accident or an injury, or it could be something that, like a small stress like that, we sit for 12 hours a day and the average Westerners get the price set for 34 years of their life. Stresses cause these subluxation and subluxation interfere with our body’s ability to be healthy.