Part 2

Hi, I’m David Rowe, and welcome to the Monday Morning Minute. Let’s continue with number two of the 12 things that we need to know to be healthy. Number two is that your body is smart. In all living beings, there is an innate intelligence that runs that being. Well likewise, in human beings, there’s an innate intelligence that runs our body. Your innate intelligence is always doing the best it can to keep you healthy in any circumstance. Any function your body undergoes—whether it’s heartbeat, respiration, digestion of food, immunity, it’s all controlled by our innate intelligence. Even when our bodies are under its greatest challenges, our greatest health problems, your innate indolence is doing the best it can to help you repair and return to normal health. Have faith in the fact that your body is smart, and your innate intelligence is running all of your body’s innate functions. Thanks.